Ultimate Bend

The Mercian Ultimate Bend is the most aggressive low bow that we have ever made, with the bend of the stick effectively cupping the ball. The maximum bend at this lowest legal point enhances drag flicking and aerial skills with the balance point of the stick adjusted to also favour 3D dribbling skills. Whilst the shaft weighting aid sticks head speed it still provides power and balance for the slapping and pushing associated with elite level skill execution.


Pro Bend

The Mercian Pro Bend incorporates a near maximum 23.5mm bow positioned just below the mid-point of the shaft, approximately 250mm from the bottom of the stick. The shaft has then been shaped to give a thinner profile under the right hand and a balance point that favours the head end of the stick. This gives a combination of great stick turn-over due to the shape but enhanced hitting power because of the balance point and sweet spot, the hitting power is also enhanced because the head is 1.5mm thicker than the ultimate bend.


MID Bend

The Mercian mid-bow has a 22mm bend situated 300mm up the shaft. A majority of players are still looking for a low or extreme low bow stick that helps with drag flicking, aerials or 3D skill execution. However, an increasing number are looking for a straighter stick, this Mid-bend aligns the hands more with the stick face and so it assists accuracy with hitting and slapping. With some people considering that the primary skills for defensive players are distribution using hitting and slapping, this stick is perfectly suited for that purpose.


HEX Bend

The new innovative HEX bend is a hybrid model combining a lacrosse style handle and a conventional hockey shaft. The 6-sided grip means a player can feel the sticks position in the hand without looking and the shape specifically helps locate the extended finger associated with flicking along the spine of the stick. As the hexagonal handle shape merges into the hockey shaft it creates a flattened spine that increases the sticks stiffness. The edges then are also flattened to give a specific backhand hitting zone with a surface designed to aid both power and control on the reverse side. The shaft then also has the ultimate bend with its maximal curve to further enhance flicking and overhead skills.


DSH Bend

The DSH face is available on the Evolution 0.4 and 0.7 models. The concave face shape ‘cups’ and cushions the ball to help with close control, 3D skill execution and lifted passes but is obviously within the FIH 4mm deviation guidelines. To create the concave face the head is 2mm thicker than the Ultimate bend and therefore also offers a head weighted bias which aids hitting and slapping power. As an additional extra, the Evolution 0.4 has an EVA undergrip to enhance vibration control from this super-stiff composite model.