Thanks for being interested in sponsorship with Mercian, we love working with people across the hockey world from beginners to Olympic athletes, umpires, coaches, officials and volunteers. Our programme is designed to work with everyone, we want to create meaningful, valuable relationships.

This means that if you have arrived here hoping that we will play a hockey style Santa Claus, giving away equipment with no return then I am afraid that you will be disappointed.

If you want to work with us, we support you and in return you actively do something to help us then we would welcome your email. Please then click the link below to generate that email, we need it to contain some or all of the following information:

Personal information – name, date of birth, where you live (Country and area)

Hockey information – your playing position, what club you play for, who you umpire for, who you coach.

Your influence – how you will convince others to buy Mercian, how you can convince your club to buy Mercian. Your social media IDs – we look at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Specific Mercian products that you are interested in, have you tried anything in the past, who have you seen using products etc

Finally we need a name and email address for a reference that we can check your actual level (if you are applying as a player), someone who will tell us how amazing you are (ideally a coach or playing colleague, not your Mum!).

If you are still reading this and are prepared to come back to us then please click here to bring up an email.

We look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Simon Mason, Managing Director